Tips for Today’s Top Ten Fitting Challenges

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10 years ago or more, the landscape of fitting hearing aids was vastly different than it is today. The majority of hearing aids being fit were custom products, and Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) were consistently dealing with issues commonly related to customs like comfort, occlusion and feedback. Today, HCPs face a whole new set of challenges. Receiver-in-the Ear hearing aids are now the most common model sold. Hearing aid technology has evolved and the experience for a hearing aid user is more adaptive and automatic than ever before. Today’s HCP not only has to be able to navigate through complex fitting software platforms but also needs to be an expert on connectivity matters such as mobile phone pairing processes and telehealth. At Sonic, our team of support professionals work with HCPs to help overcome the concerns and fitting challenges they face every day and have identified a list of the top ten topics the HCPs most commonly call in about. Here they are, in no particular order:

• Connectivity to Smartphones

• Connectivity to TV Accessories

• Streaming Quality

• Music

• Reverse Slope Loss

• Ski Slope | Precipitous Loss

• Severe to Profound Loss

• Rechargeable Solutions

• Remote Fitting

• First Fit Accuracy


To learn some tips and tricks on how to address these fitting challenges, check out the Audiology Online course, “Tips for Today’s Top Ten Fitting Challenges”, sponsored by Sonic.



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