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Sonic is dedicated to making Everyday Sounds Better. Less than 5% of customers return Sonic BTE hearing aids - an indicator that our products meet your patients' needs.* Call +1.888.423.7834 to schedule a product demonstration today.



Hearing aids change the way people experience life.

And each individual requires a different mix of technologies, features, and aesthetics.

Sonic is proud to offer a range of devices and technology levels for a truly personalized hearing experience. The information below can help you narrow your choice of which Sonic products are ideal for patient needs.


Customer satisfaction that speaks for itself.

If everyone's needs are unique, how do you accurately measure customer satisfaction? One way is to take a look at the rate in which hearing aid devices are returned to hearing care professionals. Less than 5% of Sonic BTE hearing aids are returned, compared to the industry average of almost 3 times as much. It's just one of the many indicators that Sonic provides your customers with the quality and performance they expect. Schedule a product demonstration today.*

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* Based on Sonic BTE average return rate of 4.92%, compared to 16.72% industry average.
Source: HIA 2019 U.S. Wholesale Data.

  • Extend Platform


    Powering the evolution of the personalized hearing experience.

    With our latest innovations in noise management and speech processing, the Extend Technology platform delivers a cleaner, more intelligible listening experience for your patients with hearing loss.



Radiant logo


Clearly Brilliant

Technology Levels: 100 | 80 | 60 | 40 | 20

Radiant’s integrated, intelligent technology actively finds, filters, and fine-tunes sounds users want to hear. With personalization options, wireless connectivity – including direct streaming from iPhone® and compatible AndroidTM devices – and lithium-ion rechargeability on select styles, Radiant lets users make the most of every moment.




  • SoundDNA Platform


    Products on the SoundDNA platform are built with automatic, adaptive, and flexible hearing aid technologies.

    Wireless models on this platform include 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy and are Made for iPhone® hearing aids.

Captivate Hearing Aid Lineup by Sonic
Captivate logo


What Life Sounds Like

Technology Levels: 100 | 80 | 60 | 40 | 20

Captivate offers easier listening, with detailed sound and fewer distractions. This lineup includes technology for effective feedback and background noise control. Includes a lithium-ion rechargeable model for all day power, even when streaming.



Enchant  Hearing Aid Lineup by Sonic


Instinctively Smart

Technology Levels: 100 | 80 | 60 | 40 | 20

SoundDNA’s inaugural Enchant family keeps speech clear, noise to a minimum and sound interactions remarkably natural. There are many models and technology levels with features designed to suit a variety of individual needs and preferences. Enchant SE is a second-edition Enchant family in basic technology levels 20 and 10.



Trek Hearing Aid Lineup by Sonic
Trek Hearing Aid by Sonic


Experience More

Technology Levels: 80 | 40

Trek BTE Super Power and Ultra Power are the most powerful hearing aids built on the SoundDNA platform. They are designed for users with severe-to-profound hearing losses and include built-in telecoil and DAI/FM compatibility.



Speech Variable Processing Platform

Sonic continues to offer our most popular products from the Speech Variable Processing platform.

They all provide excellent sound quality along with options like binaural processing and wireless connectivity, and are effective for a variety of hearing needs.

Sonic Cheer Hearing Aid Lineup


Cheer the Enjoyment

Technology Levels: 60 | 40 | 20

A generous range of styles plus three technology levels means Cheer can fit most patients with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Available in ITED, ITCD, CIC, CICPW, plus four BTE models.



Sonic Journey Hearing Aids Lineup


The Power to Take any Path

Technology Level: 40

Designed for users with extreme hearing loss, the Journey Super Power BTE includes a robust set of features to deliver the confidence, connectivity and convenience your patients deserve.





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