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Introducing new custom hearing aid styles for Radiant!



The first Sonic hearing aid built on our Extend technology platform, Radiant combines forward-thinking innovations and versatile features to create a truly personalized hearing solution for those with mild-to-profound hearing loss.

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    The power of clear, natural communication.

    Radiant’s intelligent compression system fine-tunes amplification to enrich everyday sounds and reduce listening effort in a variety of settings. The feedback management system limits the occurrence of feedback for a better hearing experience. 



For the moments that matter.

Integrated systems actively find and filter sounds with precision, so users hear what’s important, even in noisy listening environments.

Radian-technologies are poised to perform rapidly, responding to speech and noise where and when they emerge in the listening landscape.

miniRITE T R in Charger


Wireless connections and personalization tools.

Radiant is a Made for iPhone hearing aid, and now offers hands-free communication for iPhone and iPad users to make calls more convenient and comfortable.* Radiant is also the first Sonic device to support direct audio streaming on compatible Android™ devices.

EXPRESSfit® Pro's Personalization tool identifies the user's sound preferences from the start, so you can provide a more individualized first fit with ease.

*Requires 2.4 GHz BLE. Available with Radiant Firmware 1.3 and select iPhone and iPad models.
For information on compatibility, please visit


    Highlight their style.

    Radiant is available in four behind-the-ear styles and five technology levels. The miniRITE T and miniBTE T use a traditional 312 zinc-air battery, while the miniRITE T R and miniBTE T R include a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Radiant BTE Styles

    Sleek and sophisticated, Radiant comes in six elegant colors so your patients can truly make it their own.* Radiant also offers robust IP68 Ingress Protection from dust and water.

Radiant Colors
  • Radiant is also available in five custom in-the-ear styles. Select from five performance levels and five colors to match your personal preferences.

Radiant Customs Color Options

    More Personalization and Fitting Options

    CROS MNR T R - For persons with Single Sided Deafness, Sonic offers our first wireless CROS/BiCROS solution with rechargeability, noise management and dual-streaming capability. Compatible with all Radiant styles and technology levels.


    MicroShell - Select this earmold option for users with milder hearing loss or smaller ear canals who prefer a customized solution over instant-fit domes.


    Charger Options - Patients can charge the Radiant miniRITE T R and miniBTE T R in the standard Desktop Charger. For on-the-go lifestyles, the optional Charger Plus* provides convenient charging when away from home, with its built-in power bank.


    *Ask your Sonic sales representative for more information.


    Essential Apps and Accessories

    Radiant is compatible with user-friendly accessories that further enhance the listening experience.*

  • soundlink3-app-screen-radiant-pro-grey

    SoundLink 3 App controls volume, programs, and more -- plus allows you to fit patients remotely via their compatible tablet or smartphone.

  • SoundLink2 App

    SoundLink 2 App controls volume and programs and connects to IFTTT.

  • Soundclip-A

    SoundClip-A allows you to stream sound in stereo, take hands-free mobile calls from Android smartphones and more.

    *Requires 2.4 GHz BLE

  • TV-A

    TV-A Adapter makes television programming easier to hear.

  • RC-A Remote Control adjusts volume, programs and connectivity sources.


Customer satisfaction that speaks for itself.

Less than 5 percent of customers return Sonic BTE hearing aids.* That means only one out of every 20 BTE hearing aids we sell is returned. Since the industry average is nearly 17 percent, it’s a good indicator of customer satisfaction.

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* Based on Sonic BTE average return rate of 4.92%, compared to 16.72% industry average.
Source: HIA 2019 U.S. Wholesale Data.


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