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Captivate. What Life Sounds Like.

Captivate clarifies the sound experience in the real world and the digital world. Ask for a personal demonstration today.


Captivate Innovations

The revolutionary SoundDNA platform from Sonic enables automatic, adaptive, and flexible hearing aid technology. Captivate adds two breakthrough advances to the SoundDNA platform.

  • SoundDNA-AFC

    Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro

    A 2-in-1 system for better feedback control in stable or fast-changing conditions.

  • SoundDNA-Rechargeability

    Lithium-ion Rechargeability

    Keeps patients powered all day, even with streaming, and recharges in 3 hours.

The SoundDNA platform also incorporates powerful technologies with dramatic benefits for patient and professional.




Captivate Styles

Offered in a range of styles and colors to fit your patients' lifestyles.

With 4 models, 5 technology levels, and up to 7 colors to choose from, Captivate can be configured for the needs and wants of your patients.

  • Captivate miniRITE


    Featuring the latest feedback cancellation technology and more.

  • Captivate miniRITE T

    miniRITE T

    Adds built-in telecoil for better hearing on the phone and in equipped spaces.

  • Captivate miniRITE T R

    miniRITE T R

    A new Lithium-ion charging system powers patients all day, even with streaming.

  • Captivate BTE

    BTE 105

    Includes our great SoundDNA technology and benefits in a size 13 battery device.


Essential Accessories

Help your patients connect to the digital world with our full line of updated 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wireless accessories.


  • Soundclip-A


    allows patients to stream sound in stereo.

  • Phone Adapter 2

    Phone Adapter 2

    for hands-free landline phone calls.

  • TV-A Adapter

    plays TV audio directly to hearing aids.

  • RC-A

    RC-A Remote Control

    adjusts volume, programs and connectivity sources.

  • SoundLink 2 App

    controls volume and programs, connects to IFTTT.

Customer satisfaction that speaks for itself.

Less than 5 percent of customers return Sonic BTE hearing aids.* That means only one out of every 20 BTE hearing aids we sell is returned. Since the industry average is nearly 17 percent, it’s a good indicator of customer satisfaction.

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* Based on Sonic BTE average return rate of 4.92%, compared to 16.72% industry average.
Source: HIA 2019 U.S. Wholesale Data.


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