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Radiant, built on the powerful Extend technology platform, continues to demonstrate our commitment to make “Everyday Sounds Better.” The Sonic 4S Foundation: Sound that’s natural, Speech understanding in noise, Simplicity in all we do, and Style that stands out — continues to be the foundation for the Sonic brand. In this course, we will show how Radiant has remained true to the Sonic 4S Foundation as the product portfolio continues to grow.

Radiant from Sonic continues to boast a core DSP consisting of Radian Noise Management and Radian Speech Processing. Together, they deliver exceptional sound quality, listening comfort and speech intelligibility. This processing is now added to more product styles and additional technology levels to meet a greater variety of patient needs.

In addition to an expanded product portfolio, we are also pleased to introduce increased software solutions, such as an updated Fitting Assistant and additional connectivity options to include hands-free communication with compatible iPhones and iPads.

Join us in this short course, Radiant-at-a-Glance, to get a brief overview of what is new with Radiant and how this product can truly satisfy more needs of more patients and make “Everyday Sounds Better.”

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