Introducing the new Charger Plus

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Over the past few years, rechargeable hearing aids have skyrocketed in popularity for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they’re easy to use and convenient. That said, some hearing aid wearers find that “convenience” to be a hassle because the charger needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet for every charge.

Here’s the good news: Sonic now offers the Charger Plus for the Radiant miniRITE T R, for those who want the convenience of on-the-go charging when away from home. The Charger Plus is a portable inductive charging unit with a built-in lithium-ion power bank that allows for three full charges of a pair of hearing instruments. The Charger Plus also offers:

  • Drying function when the lid is closed.
  • Safe storage and transportation of hearing aids.
  • A power bank that fully charges in approximately 8 hours, or 4 hours without devices.
  • LED indicator lights.

Let your patients who use Sonic Radiant rechargeable hearing aids know about the Charger Plus — especially those patients who have busy lifestyles or those who like to travel.

Keep in mind that when you order a Charger Plus for a patient, the internal battery is charged to less than 30% capacity due to transport regulations. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that the Charger Plus is fully charged before it’s first use. It is also  important to note that the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is considered a hazardous material, so it requires special shipping procedures. 

To learn the ins and outs of the Sonic Charger Plus for Radiant products, check out our Sonic Spotlight Series: Charger Plus on Audiology Online, starting Feb. 24, 2022.

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