Clearly Brilliant.

Features vary by technology level. Ask your Hearing Care Professional which product is right for you.



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    Experience the power of clear, natural communication.

    Radiant’s amplification system delivers a cleaner, more intelligible sound experience. It enhances sound quality in a variety of listening environments – so you can hear more easily.



Make the most of the moments that matter.

Noises can come from anywhere in the listening landscape. Radiant’s advanced directional microphone and noise-reducing systems keep conversations in focus, even in noisy environments.



Create a personalized hearing experience.

Radiant offers more customization options than ever before as well as lithium-ion rechargeability for all-day listening.

Seamlessly connect to iPhone® and compatible Androidâ„¢ devices using our Dual-Radio System with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy to directly stream sound and easily adjust settings using the SoundLink 2 app.

* New Charger Plus is currently not available in all markets. Ask your Hearing Care Professional for more information.


Tune in to your favorite songs

Radiant's SmartMusic Pro program amplifies music differently than speech, so you can enjoy a better listening experience with your hearing aids when listening to music.



    Highlight your style.

    Sleek and sophisticated, Radiant comes in six elegant colors so you can truly make it your own.


    Select from the rechargeable (miniRITE T R) and non-rechargeable (miniRITE T) styles, which both offer IP68 Ingress Protection from dust and water.


    Essential Apps and Accessories

  • SoundLink 2 App controls volume, tracks battery charge and so much more.

  • SoundLink Connect App offers Remote Fitting possibilities using a compatible smartphone or tablet.

  • SoundClip-A allows you to stream sound in stereo, take hands-free mobile calls and more.

  • TV-A Adapter plays TV audio directly to hearing aids.

  • RC-A Remote Control adjust volume, programs and connectivity sources.


    More Flexible Options with Radiant

  • Desktop Charger - Provides contactless charging of Radiant miniRITE T R.

  • Charger Plus - Provides convenient charging when away from home, with its built-in power bank.*

    * New Charger Plus is not currently available in all markets, ask your Hearing Care Professional for more information.

  • CROS/BiCROS - For Single Sided Deafness, the Sonic CROS MNR T R transmitter picks up sound from the ear with poorer hearing and wirelessly transmits it to a Radiant receiver worn on the ear with better hearing.

Sonic Location Finder

Find a Hearing Care Professional to discuss which Sonic hearing aids are right for your particular hearing and lifestyle needs.