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Can a small wireless accessory help you hear better in challenging places?

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Wireless hearing aids personalized for your hearing loss provide so many benefits. They boost conversational speech, enhance your favorite music, amplify important sounds in the environment, and stream sounds from a variety of Bluetooth®-enabled devices. In a nutshell, they help you connect with your family, friends, and life in general! 

With miniature microphones to pick up sound, hearing aids generally work best in a room with good acoustics and with conversation partners nearby. They can be less effective in reverberant places, in noise, with distant speakers, in larger gatherings, or when streaming sound from electronics with limited wireless capabilities. 

While wearing your hearing aids, have you ever:

  • Struggled to hear a person speaking at the opposite end of a dinner table? 
  • Strained to listen to someone speaking across a noisy room or spacious hall?
  • Tried to hear someone from the front or back seat of a car without success?
  • Wanted to stream music or shows from your electronic devices to your hearing aids?
  • Needed to take a phone call while multi-tasking
If the answer is yes to any of the above, then listen up. The SoundClip-A wireless accessory from Sonic is a small, portable device that can help you benefit from your hearing aids in more challenging conditions.




What is the SoundClip-A? 

You may be wondering, what is the SoundClip-A exactly? Simply put, it is a wireless receiver and transmitter of sound. That means it can receive and transmit sound between the surrounding environment and your hearing aids, including speech and signals from wireless electronic audio devices. Consequently, you can use it both as a remote microphone and as a wireless headset for mobile phones and tablets. Let’s look more closely at both functions.

As a remote microphone: Place the SoundClip-A near a person speaking, and its front-facing microphone will pick up their voice and wirelessly transmit the conversation to your hearing aids. The result is that you can hear the person speaking directly in your hearing aids, overcoming the physical space – and any noise – between you and them. This is helpful for hearing someone at distance, either across a table or across the room, or in the front or back seat of a car when driving. Just ask them to clip it onto their collar for best results.

As a wireless headset: Pair the SoundClip-A to wireless electronic audio devices, like mobile phones and tablets, so you can hear music, TV, entertainment, or phone calls directly as it transmits the sound to your hearing aids. One main advantage is that you can enjoy hands-free calls on mobile phones including AndroidTM devices. The SoundClip-A not only transmits the caller’s voice to your hearing aids but also transmits your voice to the caller, so you don’t have to hold your phone in your hands. Simply use the buttons on the device to accept, end or reject the call.


What else can the SoundClip-A do?

The small SoundClip-A is quite versatile! In addition to the functions described above, you can also use it as a remote control. You can easily increase or decrease the volume, mute the sound, or switch to a different listening program using the buttons located on the device. Lastly, it can even control the sound from Sonic’s wireless TV Adapter. That means you can independently control the volume of the TV as you like it, without changing the TV volume for others in the room.

With so much to offer, the SoundClip-A can be an effective tool to help you on your journey to better hearing. Check our website to find out if your Sonic hearing aids are compatible with this accessory or ask your hearing care professional who can further assist you with additional details. With Sonic wireless hearing aids and the SoundClip-A, Everyday Sounds Better.


Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA.



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