Hands Free Communication

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Most of us, by virtue of necessity, multitask while taking phone calls. The downside to accomplishing two (or three or four) things at once is the real struggle of juggling a phone in our busy hands. What’s the solution for hearing aid users who don’t want to sacrifice audibility for convenience? Technology built around both.

Sonic is excited to expand its connectivity options to include hands-free communication for compatible iPhones and iPads. Hands-free communication enables two-way audio streaming, allowing users with compatible hearing aids to carry on a conversation without holding a phone. The user’s hearing aids become the microphone, and the phone can stay inside a pocket or anywhere nearby, keeping the user’s hands free for other tasks.

Within the Sonic product portfolio this feature is exclusive to the Radiant family, and users must connect via Bluetooth to a compatible iPhone or iPad running iOS 15.2 or later. Sonic is also pleased to offer a variety of courses regarding this new feature and detailed information about compatibility. Register for the on-demand course today!

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