Sonic Hearing Screening Test

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Breaking down barriers and reducing stigma are just two of the many purposes behind the new Sonic Hearing Screening Test. In less than 5 minutes this tool can provide a pass or fail notification regarding overall hearing sensitivity. While not a diagnostic evaluation, an online screening test can often be that first step that can lead to seeking help with hearing loss.

According to the NIH, approximately 15% of U.S. adults report some trouble with their hearing, and about 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from the use of amplification. However, of those over the age of 70, only 30% have ever used a hearing aid, and of those between the ages of 20 and 69 who could benefit from amplification, only a staggeringly low 16% have ever used hearing aids.

There are many factors that come into play when we begin to pinpoint the ‘why’ behind this lack of, or delay, in seeking help. Whether it is the result of barriers to accessing care or the stigma attached to receiving care—or even factors related to variables such as cost, cosmetics, denial, or lack of knowledge—we can’t dismiss the reality.

Online screening tools can become a first-line offensive tactic to put an easy-to-use self-assessment tool in the hands of potential patients. Our screening tool can quickly assess whether there is a concern that warrants further attention from a hearing care provider.

Sonic’s online hearing test consists of four questions about an individual’s ability to hear sounds when there is surrounding noise, to understand others who are speaking, and to participate in conversations in social situations, such as in a restaurant.

Once the questions are answered, the next portion of the test involves listening for “pure tone” sounds that are played at various levels. We strongly recommend the use of headphones, since low-level sounds will be played through the speakers of the device being used for the test. Essentially, either the sound is heard, or it is not heard. Again, the purpose of the Hearing Screening Test is not to diagnose the amount of hearing loss present, but rather to allow us to advise whether further testing is indicated.

Sonic’s online hearing test is fast, simple, and free. It can be taken in the comfort of your patient’s home—with no appointment necessary. And if hearing loss is suspected, it is easy to find hearing care providers who are available for follow-up diagnostic testing.

For more information on this tool and how Sonic makes Everyday Sounds Better please visit our website today.

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