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The WOW of Wireless

What can people do with wireless? The better question is what can’t they do? The next generation of Sonic wireless accessories helps connect people’s hearing devices to everyday digital sounds better than ever. Check out these upgraded functionalities and design features.

SoundGate 2 lets people focus on their way of life, not their wireless technology. We’ve increased the range by 200% (up to 90 feet!) and the battery life 100%—that’s up to 10 hours of active streaming. Plus, SoundGate 2 has a built-in telecoil to automatically connect any wireless hearing device to streaming audio in telecoil-equipped venues. Now people can focus on what they’re doing, and worry less about where and for how long.

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The new TV Adapter 2 is compatible with the original SoundGate. But with SoundGate 2, it delivers a 200% increase in range. (Keep listening to a program, even when you leave the room!) For true convenience around the house, connect a TV Adapter 2 with each television and use the new “SelectMe” feature to easily switch between adapters and sets. Another new feature: TV Adapter 2 connects with TOSLINK optical cables for premium quality audio.

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New Phone Adapter 2 features will sound familiar—and you’ll love hearing about them. Like TV Adapter 2, this adapter lets users move twice as far from a landline phone while enjoying conversations through their hearing devices and SoundGate 2. (Phone Adapter 2 is also compatible with original SoundGate and its range.) An optional Sennheiser accessory makes calls via office phone systems a breeze with new VoIP connectivity.

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Bliss, Charm, and Flip products offer Connectivity features; see product specifications for details.

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