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A Well-Rounded Flip

People already have plenty of reasons to Flip over this family of friendly hearing instruments. Now we’ve added one more. Flip40 is our newest addition, designed to include just the features listeners need. With Flip40 as a great new Basic entry product, we’ve included even more function in Flip60 — now with Adaptive Directionality

This full miniRIC family ranges from Premium to Basic options. But they all have Sonic’s clear and natural sound quality in common. Get to know the stylish, versatile family of Flip—and get ready to change your expectations about what’s possible from a hearing instrument.

Flip100 Flip80 Flip60 NEW! Flip40
Speech Variable Processing
Frequency Bandwidth 10 kHz 8 kHz 8 kHz 8 kHz
Adaptive Feedback Canceller
Wind Noise Reduction
Soft Noise Reduction
Speech Priority Noise Reduction 4 levels 3 levels 2 levels 2 levels
Impulse Noise Reduction
Fixed Directional
Adaptive Directional •*
Hybrid Adaptive Directional
Volume & Program Change
Environment Classification
Non-Telephone Ear Control
Universal Environment
Manual Listening Programs 4 4 3 3
Environments 13 10 8 4
Data Logging
Data Learning
nEARcom Wireless Programming Opt Opt Opt
Program Button Mute
Audible Performance Indicators
Start-Up Delay
Auto Telephone Detection
SoundGate Opt Opt Opt
TV Adapter Opt Opt Opt
Phone Adapter Opt Opt Opt
RC-P Remote Control Opt Opt Opt
*Updated Flip60 MNRx only
More to Flip for
The Flip family now includes Premium
to Basic products.

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