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Flip to a New Style

Our popular Flip family of instruments is changing people’s expectations on hearing aid options again. In a transition from its original receiver style, Flip introduces a new receiver design with these feature enhancements.

Flip Style 1 Receiver   Flip Style 2 Receiver

Replaceable Retention Lock

In the new Flip receiver style, the Retention Lock is a separate piece. The Retention Lock is sometimes called a "sport grip," "ear grip," or "feather," and helps keep the hearing aid from dislodging. It's a good option if you need something extra to keep Flip in place, but in Style 2 it may also be removed for a more discreet fit.

ProWax Protection System

For people who need extra wax protection, the Flip Style 2 receiver uses the ProWax filter. ProWax offers improved wax protection compared to the NoWax filter used in Flip Style 1 receivers.

New Domes

Because the shape of the Flip Style 2 receiver is significantly different than the Style 1 Receiver (see images above), the Style 2 receiver requires different domes. Domes for this style are available in three open sizes, three power sizes, and one semi-occluded "plus" size.

Important: Before you order replacement domes, make sure you know if your Flip instruments have the Style 1 or Style 2 receivers. The domes are not interchangeable, so you must specify the style when you order.

New Custom Earmolds

If you have trouble changing domes or if you need additional wax protection, the Flip Style 2 receiver is a good option for a traditional custom earmold or with the Lite Tips custom option. Custom earmolds are also not interchangeable with different receivers, so be sure your hearing care professional specifies the receiver style you're using.


  • Flip Power receivers are not affected by this change.
  • If you already have a Style 1 receiver for Flip, there's no need to switch. Domes and earmolds will continue to be available for Style 1 receivers.
  • New Receiver Kits are available for Flip Style 2 receivers and domes. Hearing care professionals, ask your Customer Care or Sales Representative for more information.
  • Flip Style 2 receivers are also compatible with Touch products.