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Individual solutions for individual ears

From increasing power to decreasing size, Sonic’s new options for Celebrate and Cheer let you help more patients experience the natural sound of Sonic.

105 Speaker for miniRITEs: Powerful Performance

Up the amplification—and up the number of patients who can now enjoy small and sleek Sonic miniRITE instruments. The new 105 Speaker adds extra power for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Celebrate and Cheer miniRITE devices now have four speaker levels to help you fit nearly every patient’s needs. The new 105 Speaker uses a custom power mold to deliver 67 dB of full-on gain for more severe hearing loss.

   2cc Coupler



Full-on Gain dB

105 Speaker

127 – Celebrate
126 – Cheer


100 Speaker



85 Speaker



60 Speaker



The 105 Speaker fits all Celebrate and Cheer miniRITE technology levels. Help patients choose the miniRITE features they want while getting the power they need.

Compare our miniRITE features:

5 mm Open Dome for miniRITEs: Greater Precision

Now patients with very narrow ear canals can enjoy this widely popular instrument style, thanks to the new 5 mm Open Dome. Available for:

  • miniFit 60-Speaker Unit
  • miniFit Thin Tubes

+View the updated Acoustic Options Reference Guide

CIC and IIC Go Even Smaller

Big news for patients with small ears: Sonic CIC and IIC instruments are even smaller! A new faceplate design and smaller shape will help you fit even more patients for these popular out-of-sight styles.

See the Fitting Guide below for more information.

Stronger, Smarter, Smaller
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