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Tinnitus SoundSupport

The SoundDNA platform addresses ringing in the ears with Tinnitus SoundSupport. By increasing the volume of external sounds as well as generating specialized noise, this flexible feature can reduce your patient’s perception of tinnitus.

Tinnitus SoundSupport is a tool that generates sounds for use in a tinnitus management program to help patients suffering from tinnitus. You can select and modify sounds to suit your patient’s preference. The tool is available in all programs except telephone and telecoil programs. You can access Tinnitus SoundSupport from the navigation bar in the Fit Instrument section in EXPRESSfit® Pro.

Available sounds
The Signal drop-down list offers four broadband sounds:

• Shaped: spectrum shaped to the patient's audiogram
• White: flat spectrum
• Pink: spectrum decreases at -3 dB per octave
• Red: spectrum decreases at -6 dB per octave

In addition to the broadband sounds, three sounds that mimic the rhythm of the ocean are available:

• Ocean 1
• Ocean 2
• Ocean 3

These sounds are based on the spectrum of the white, pink and red broadband sounds, respectively. 

Six sound modification parameters, including signal level, frequency shaping, modulation, Automatic Level Steering, hearing instrument microphone and maximum wearing time help to customize Tinnitus SoundSupport control and preferences for individual patient needs.

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