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Binaural Noise Management

Part of the SoundDNA platform, Binaural Noise Management senses when noise is directed towards one hearing aid. By wirelessly communicating with each other, hearing aids with Binaural Noise Management adapt the right gain and noise suppression so sounds feel balanced on both sides.

Traditional noise management treats noise symmetrically—coming from all directions. However, when noise is louder on one side, equal treatment by both hearing aids loses the potential to fine-tune desired sounds. 

Binaural Noise Management is able to suppress noise on one side while prioritizing hearing on the opposite side. These asymmetrical adjustments make listening more comfortable and speech more understandable. 

Binaural Noise Management only activates when the signal-to-noise ratio becomes significantly different between ears. It’s completely automatic—the user doesn’t have to make any adjustments to experience a very natural hearing response 

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Better Side-to-Side Balance
Smart management of noise coming from one direction.