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Reverb Reduction

Reverb Reduction helps decrease reverberation to normal levels and increase listening comfort.

Noise reduction technologies help listeners focus on the things they want to hear—but sometimes the type of venue adds its own challenge. An assembly hall, gym, or even a place of worship can cause sounds to take on a lingering “ring.” That’s where new Reverb Reduction comes in.

Reverberation is a result of sound waves reflecting off of walls and other hard surfaces. It’s true that all enclosed spaces will have some amount of reverberation. However, highly reverberant places (auditorium, stairwell, e.g.) have a significant impact on both listening comfort and speech intelligibility.

Reverb Reduction minimizes the amount of reverberation that a hearing instrument amplifies. The algorithm detects the specific characteristics of reverberation and attenuates that part of the signal to increase listening comfort.

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Reverb Reduction provides an easy solution to reduce the effects of reverberation. And with three attenuation levels to adjust for individual needs, it helps patients achieve more comfortable hearing in a variety of environments. Reverb Reduction is available in all Celebrate and Journey products from Sonic.

Reduce the lingering ring
Learn how Reverb Reduction controls reverberation to provide better hearing comfort

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