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Let's Flip to the good part.

Get ready – we’re about to turn your expectations about hearing aids around. Meet Flip. The miniRIC instrument from Sonic.

Flip is small. It’s easy to use. And it’s designed to keep pace with an energetic lifestyle like yours. Forget what you used to think about hearing aids, and Flip open a new chapter on life.

Clear and comfortable listening

While compact in size, Flip doesn’t short-change any features. You’ll enjoy Speech Variable Processing, the Sonic technology that makes conversations more clear and understandable. Noise reduction systems target background sounds and help separate them from the speech you want to hear. And don’t worry about feedback. Flip identifies and stops the squeal before it begins.

Stay connected with life

Created specifically to adapt to today’s technologies, Flip is ready for nearly any digital audio device. Your everyday world is full of cell phones, landlines, television, digital music, PCs, and more. Flip helps you connect to them all.

Natural sound made simple

Flip is small. People love that about this discreet device. They also love that it’s smart. The most compact RIC of its kind, Flip packs in a lot of technology. It also features an easy-to-use push button. Accessible volume control. And a size 13 battery that means weeks of long-lasting performance.

Flip the status quo
Ready to flip what’s possible in a
hearing instrument?

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Key features

Flip your expectations — you’ll be surprised how many technologies are tucked into this miniRIC.

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