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Inside Pearl

Pearl is changing not just the way people hear, but how they live. Meet a beautiful solution ready to put you in touch with a world of vibrant sound.

Sonic Sound: For natural listening qualities

It’s the unique technology of Sonic that puts listeners in touch with the sounds they miss. Sonic Sound mimics the behavior of a healthy ear by detecting the intensity of sound at individual frequencies. Amplification is then applied at each frequency based on your personal hearing loss.

The system works by applying different amounts of amplification based on the loudness of the sound coming into the hearing aid. For soft background sounds that could be annoying, very little if any amplification is applied. At sound levels where speech is typically present, maximum amplification is applied. For sounds that are very loud, amplification is reduced to prevent these sounds from becoming uncomfortable.


Noise Reduction: Treasure important sounds

Pearl also incorporates noise reduction systems to make listening more pleasant. After all, you don’t want everything around you to be louder—just the sounds and speech that are most important.

Pearl uses noise reduction solutions that are specifically designed to improve speech understanding in noise. These systems constantly monitor sounds to separate steady-state background noise from modulated speech. If the system detects that there is more noise than speech, the noise reduction system engages.


Directionality: Sensitive to your environment

Pearl offers several directional technologies to improve hearing in noisy situations. For example, the patented DIRECTIONALfocus system creates a focus area in front of the listener—like a listening “beam.” Sounds within the beam are amplified more; Pearl varies how much sounds are reduced when they move outside of the beam. Some Pearl products have automatic and adaptive directional options that provide hands-free operation in a wide variety of listening environments.


Automatic and Voice Alert Options: Simple and convenient

The Universal listening environment in Pearl naturally accommodates your listening surroundings — without you needing to push any buttons. Pearl instantaneously analyzes factors like ambient noise, the location of noise, and the overall signal-to-speech ratio. You won’t notice it’s making adjustments, but you’ll certainly appreciate the hands-free improvements it brings. Some Pearl models also feature Voice Alerts instead of (or in addition to) a series of beeps to indicate the program you’re using or that a battery needs to be changed.


A thing of beauty

Tiny in the hand, and nearly invisible when worn. Pearl can be as subtle or as noticeable as you choose. Ask your hearing care professional about style options and the Pearl technology level that’s right for you.

Behind-the-Ear style
Make this miniRIC subtle or super stylish. With 5 base colors and 15 easily interchangeable accent colors, Pearl looks just as great as it sounds. Suddenly, it’s not a hearing aid, but a fashionable, high-tech accessory.

The beauty
behind Pearl
Sonic technologies bring a wealth of advantages to Pearl users.