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The brilliance and
beauty of Pearl.

Experience the Brilliance and Beauty of Pearl. The innovation in this microRIC lets the simplicity of natural hearing shine through.

Pearl distills the purest technology into a tiny mechanical wonder. You’ll appreciate the science behind our patented sound processing. The clear, rich sounds and simple operation. Plus, you’ll be delighted with an aid that’s neither bulky nor beige. With Pearl, you’ll be in touch again with a world of vibrant sound.

Natural brilliance

Inside this tiny instrument is an industry breakthrough in design, sound processing, reliability, and style. Pearl puts our Sonic Sound technology platform to work, making it
a shining standard for natural sound.

Designed to impress

Patented digital sound processing preserves the audio qualities your ear hears naturally, so you’ll enjoy clear, rich sounds. And Pearl is smart — it automatically adjusts to your environment, providing the best listening experience for any situation.

Small and simple

Pearl is so lightweight, so comfortable, and so effective, you’ll spend your time enjoying life — not thinking about a complex, cumbersome hearing instrument. Simply put it on and stay in touch with the richness of everyday life.

A thing of beauty

With 5 base colors and 15 interchangeable accent colors, Pearl looks just as great as it sounds. You can personalize your instrument to suit your style — and suddenly, it’s not a hearing aid, but a very practical, high-tech accessory.

Hearing is meant
to be treasured
Share a wealth of advantages with Pearl.

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Key features

Pearl holds a wealth of innovative technologies.

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