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Open ear fit.
Open mouth results.

Open your mind to a hearing experience from a tiny device that can deliver big results. It’s called ion — an Open Ear microBTE from Sonic.

There’s only one thing that makes ion noticeable. The smile you’ll have when you wear it. A microBTE, ion offers superb comfort, cosmetic appeal, and excellent clarity. Sounds are natural and clear, keeping your everyday listening options wide open.

A size you’ll welcome with open arms

ion is so discreet, it’s practically invisible when you have it on. With an Open Ear hearing aid, the tiny, clear tube is unobtrusive — and leaves your ear unobstructed. Plus, ion is a microBTE, the smallest class of behind-the-ear hearing instruments.

Comfort is an open book

Thanks to its scaled-down size, ion is inherently lightweight. It fits so easily behind the ear that many users forget they’re even wearing it.

Bring natural sounds into the open

By design, ion allows both natural and amplified sound to enter your ear canal. This keeps you from experiencing the “plugged” feeling some hearing aid wearers complain about. With ion, however, you’ll benefit from an open hearing experience combined with outstanding Sonic technologies.

Open to the future

The standard ion microBTE includes a clear thin tube and dome to fit a wide range of hearing loss. However, should your hearing change over time and require a more powerful solution, ion has you covered. Your hearing care professional can also easily reconfigure ion with a clear ear hook and a custom ear mold to provide you with the amplification you need.

So small.
So powerful.
Open the opportunities with this
open fit device.

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