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Hearing at the speed of life.

Your life has its own tempo. Your activities, your social circle, and your hearing needs are uniquely your own. Sonic has a family of products ready to keep up. Velocity comes in a wide range of models with solutions as individual as you are.

With products to fit every lifestyle, budget, fit, and feature need, Velocity is ready to move your hearing experience to the next level.

More Natural Sound

Not hearing someone or misunderstanding their words can slow you down. Velocity was designed to help you keep pace by preserving natural sound qualities in speech. Words
aren’t just amplified, they’re clarified with our patented digital sound processing. Velocity
makes listening easier — and that makes your day easier, too.

Enjoy Your Life

Velocity keeps you moving at ease through different listening situations — from a busy boardroom meeting to a quiet dinner at home. By providing sophisticated directional
systems and noise reduction technology, Velocity delivers improved understanding no
matter where you are.

Effortless Operation

Don’t let complex hearing aids hold you up. Velocity models come with a range of automatic features. You can choose the Velocity level that quickly configures settings to meet your individual listening needs. Some models even include speech cues in addition to tones that alert you to different listening programs and remind you to change the battery.

Your style.
Your Velocity.
Life moves fast. Here's the solution
to keep up.

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Move forward with the Velocity model that’s right for you.

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