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Sonic Hearing Aids

Hearing aids literally change the way people experience life. And each individual requires a different mix of technologies, features, and aesthetics. Sonic is proud to offer a range of devices and technology levels to help people everywhere enjoy the sounds that enrich everyday life.

A hearing care professional is best able to suggest which hearing instruments are ideal for your needs. However, the information below can help you narrow your choice of which Sonic products to inquire about.

Our most recent product lines are built using the Speech Variable Processing platform. They all provide exceptional sound quality along with benefits like binaural processing and wireless connectivity options.

You’ll find joy in every sound with the many technologies and features in Bliss. It’s ideal for users hoping for a small device; the Bliss miniBTE is very discreet while the Bliss IIC is practically invisible.

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Charm is streamlined to offer just the right amount of features and technologies. Available in ITE, ITC, CIC and the nearly invisible IIC model, listeners love Charm, pure and simple.

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With BTE and ITE models designed to fit active lifestyles, Pep is a great first step towards better hearing.

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A tiny RIC that’s extremely easy to use, this instrument will Flip your expectations about hearing aids.

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Our previous Sonic Sound Technology Platform has been recognized for the natural sound experience it delivers in all kinds of listening environments.

The ion family of products offers the best comfort, cosmetics, and clarity of any Open Ear microBTE hearing aid. You’ll notice you’re hearing better, not that you’re wearing a hearing aid.

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Super Power BTE, Endura delivers both high-level output and high quality sound to listeners with severe hearing needs, providing a powerful hearing experience.

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for every situation
Sonic has a smart selection of products to
fit the individual needs of individual listeners.

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A test is the answer

It takes a professional hearing examination to fully identify your true hearing needs. Start with these Three Steps to Better Hearing.

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