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Even though a custom hearing aid is nestled safely in your ear, it’s subject to more harm than you might think. Earwax, sweat, and even moisture from the air can cause problems. So Sonic proactively protects your device in multiple ways.

Microphone Covers

If you want to protect a component, it makes sense to cover it. But in the case of a hearing aid microphone, you don’t want a cover to muffle any sound.

To get the best of both worlds, all newer Sonic custom models come equipped with a microphone cover that’s acoustically-transparent. It protects the microphone without changing the characteristics of the audio signals coming in.

These covers – called ‘O-Caps’ for larger custom models and ‘T-Caps’ for smaller custom models – are coated at the molecular level with a hydrophobic material that increases their ability to resist moisture and wax.

If a cover ever becomes clogged, you or your hearing care professional can easily replace it. Just put a new cover on; no need to send your device to Sonic for repair.


Wax Guard

With a custom hearing instrument, the receiver sits in the ear canal, so it’s in close proximity to wax, sweat, moisture, and other debris.

As protection, all Sonic custom products feature a hydrophobic-coated wax guard. These wax guards act as a front-line defense, keeping wax and debris out of the receiver, protecting it, and keeping it in perfect working order. The wax guard is also user replaceable and easy to change.


Conformal Coating

While the microphone covers and wax guard protect the exterior of a custom device, Sonic gives attention to the protection of internal components, too. These interior components are very susceptible to condensation, stress from vibrations, and electrical noise.

Sonic applies a very thin conformal coating to the interior components of all custom products. Although only a few hundredths of a millimeter thick, this coating provides an important barrier against moisture and dust. It also bolsters the wiring and soldering on the circuit board with an extra bit of rigid support.

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Sonic takes many measures to ensure
the longevity and protection of your
custom hearing aids.

Defend your device

Sonic makes it easy to protect your hearing instrument with microphone covers and wax guards you or your hearing care provider can easily replace.