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Inside Cheer

So many models. So many reasons to be excited. The Cheer family of instruments has what it takes to please the crowd.

Winning sound performance
Cheer’s Speech Variable Processing platform preserves the soft and loud sounds that differentiate words and enhance speech clarity.

Speech Variable Processing

Highly specialized for high-frequencies
Frequency Transfer adds intelligibility for listeners with high-frequency hearing loss. This can help when hearing higher-pitched voices, like those of women or children.

Frequency Transfer1

Something to shout about:
Speech understanding in noise

Amplification isn’t everything. Cheer uses noise-reducing strategies like these to help people get the most out of deep discussions or friendly chitchat, even in difficult listening situations.

Speech Priority Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction Systems
Adaptive Directional microphone system2

Score one for simplicity
Cheer’s simple design makes battery access and program buttons delightfully intuitive. Plus, many Cheer models provide hands-free operation in various listening situations.

Binaural Coordination3
Non-telephone Ear Control1

It’s a win with wireless
Wireless connectivity3 puts Cheer devices into play with favorite technologies like TVs, mobile phones, MP3 players, and more.

Wireless Accessories

Cheer for the starting lineup

With so many models, styles, and technology levels, Cheer can really attract a crowd.

Behind-the-Ear styles
The four Behind-the-Ear Cheer models feature contemporary designs, six colors, and standard wireless connectivity. The slim miniRITE and Nano BTE are discreet options for mild to severe hearing loss, while the Power BTE and Compact Power Plus include features for greater earing loss.

In-the-Ear Styles
Cheer is available in a wide range of custom options, too: the nearly invisible IIC (Invisible-In-Canal), CIC (Completely-In-Canal), ITC (In-The-Canal), and powerful ITE (In-The-Ear) models. These models are custom molded to the ear for a flawless fit, they come in a variety of colors, and many are available with wireless connectivity.

1)Cheer 60 models only
2)Cheer 60 and Cheer 40 only
3)Wireless models only

Features that fuel the enthusiasm
Cheer offers multiple models and top-notch technologies.

Product details

What's the cheering about?

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