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Inside Celebrate

Even small talk is a big thing
Speech has always been a priority at Sonic, and Celebrate makes no exception.
Speech Variable Processing preserves the soft nuances in spoken words for better understanding.
Speech Priority Noise Reduction works to separate speech from surrounding noise while the new Speech Priority Volume Control “turns up” the volume of the speech frequencies patients want to hear.
And new Reverb Reduction helps control the lingering “ring” that sounds can take on in large spaces like assembly halls or places of worship.

Make the most of every environment
Celebrate includes features for every other type of venue, too. Environment Classification automatically analyzes incoming sounds binaurally* and adjusts the features and amplification to address that situation.
Going away? The Airplane Environment specifically addresses the challenges of a noisy airplane cabin so patients can enjoy the company of a companion (or communicate with a flight attendant).
You can even configure a Custom Environment with just the right features and amplification for a patient’s unique listening situation.

No complaints about the noise
The features in Celebrate practically tell distractions to “keep it down” so patients can concentrate on what they want to hear. Sophisticated directional systems hone in on the source of a sound and help reduce unwanted noise while Impulse Noise Reduction suppresses unanticipated sounds like clinking silverware or jangling keys.
Soft Noise Reduction minimizes background distractions like a whirring fan or humming refrigerator, and Wind Noise Reduction makes time outdoors more enjoyable.
Since few noises are more distracting than feedback, patients will appreciate the Adaptive Feedback Canceller which removes offending signals and attacks feedback before it starts.

A high-note feature
Here’s some extra attention for listeners with limited high-frequency cochlear function. Frequency Transfer compresses high-frequency input and “shifts” it to frequencies with better hearing to improve overall audibility of speech cues.

Celebrate Everyday Connectivity
Add accessories to the wireless compatible Celebrate hearing instruments and enjoy the connectivity conveniences that make today’s modern living fund and hassle free.


So many styles. So very inviting.

Celebrate caters to a variety of hearing needs with multiple behind-the-ear and custom models to match individual preferences and hearing needs.

The all new miniRITE (Receiver-in-the-Ear) model is slim and discreet. Sensitive wearers appreciate the lightweight and unobtrusive design, plus wireless connectivity is standard on the Celebrate miniRITE.

Need a behind-the-ear model with outstanding battery life? The Celebrate miniBTE (Behind-The-Ear) is for you. With its larger size 13 battery, this model delivers weeks and weeks of performance. The miniBTE comes with all wireless connectivity features for extra convenient operation.

Power BTE
The latest style in Power is here. This robust Power BTE (Behind-The-Ear) features a size 13 battery and can be worn with either a Thin Tube or Earhook and Earmold. Wireless connectivity is standard as well.

Custom Models
Celebrate is available in a wide range of custom options, too – from the nearly invisible IIC (Invisible-In-Canal) to powerful ITE (In-The-Ear) models. These models are custom molded to your own ear for a flawless fit and many are available with wireless connectivity.

Celebrate the everyday moments

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