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Inside Bliss

Featuring the latest in digital sound processing technologies, Bliss makes everyday conversations every bit enjoyable.

An emphasis on speech clarity
Speech Variable Processing preserves the nuances of speech – the soft and loud sounds that enhance overall speech clarity.

Speech Variable Processing

Technologies to remove unwanted noise
Bliss uses multiple systems – including our premium Speech Priority Noise Reduction – to reduce sounds that could be noisy distractions.

Noise Reduction Systems

Focus on what matters
The sophisticated directional systems in Bliss allow you to focus on the things you want to hear — the important sounds happening in front of you.

Directional Systems

No more whistle and squeal
Feedback is a thing of the past with Bliss. The Adaptive Feedback Canceller attacks feedback before it starts for squeal-free, easy listening.

Adaptive Feedback Canceller

Fully connected
Your world is full of cell phones, television, digital music, PCs, and more. Bliss comes ready to connect to nearly any external device.



Fully delightful

Bliss is available in a variety of models to match your individual lifestyle and hearing needs. Ask your hearing care professional which Bliss product is right for you.

Behind-the-Ear styles
For those who prefer a behind-the-ear solution, Bliss offers both a fully-featured BTE and a smaller miniBTE. All BTEs are ready for wireless connectivity, and the large size 13 battery provides weeks of performance. Available in ten colors designed to match most shades of skin or hair.

Canal styles
Bliss is also available in a variety of custom options if you prefer an in-the-ear fit.

Invisible-In-Canal style
Who knew the joy of full, natural sounds could come from something so tiny? The Bliss Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC) instrument is completely inconspicuous. But your enjoyment of better hearing will be easy for anyone to see.

What’s behind
that Bliss?
Learn about the technologies and features that make so many listeners so very happy.

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