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Sound to make you smile.

Bliss is the kind of instrument that gives both hearing aid wearers and hearing professionals plenty of reasons to be happy.

When people hear what Bliss has to offer, they’re sure to smile. When they experience the incredibly natural sound, they’ll be ecstatic. Bliss is packed with technologies and features designed to let listeners focus on conversations — and forget about hearing device hassles. With Bliss, effortless hearing has never sounded so good.

Outstanding natural sound

Built on the power of the Speech Variable Processing Technology Platform, Bliss provides a rich, natural quality to everyday sounds. Bliss makes people comfortable, confident, and able to enjoy the world around them.

An emphasis on speech understanding

Missing out on conversations can mean missing out on life’s best moments. Bliss is designed to help improve the ability to understand speech, so listeners keep pace with the stories and personal moments that enrich their days.

Ease-of use features to keep things simple

Bliss is configured to provide hands-free operation in most listening situations. When there’s a need to interact with the device, Bliss features are easy to access and intuitive.

Stylish yet discreet solutions

Sure, Bliss is stylish — but its sophistication can be a well-kept secret. With a variety of styles to choose from, Bliss has a look that fits a wide range of lifestyle and hearing needs.

Happiness sounds just like this
Get to know the joys of Bliss.

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Key features

Bliss is packed with features that let listeners focus on conversations and forget about hearing aid hassles.

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