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Everyday Sounds Better,
then and now.

Since 1998, Sonic has focused on breakthrough solutions for patients with hearing loss. 20 years later, we look back on how we have worked with the Audiology community to develop solutions that provide patients with natural sound and better speech understanding in noise, along with the simplicity and style that add up to a richer, more personal hearing experience. It all started with our three scientist-founders who came together to help redefine what is possible in digital hearing solutions.

Meet our founders
The three brilliant minds that came together to reimagine the science of sound.

Dr. Thomas Stockham
This pioneer of digital recording and signal processing changed the way we listen to music and entertainment and was awarded Grammy, Emmy and Academy Awards. Then he used his discoveries in digital sound to help people with hearing loss.
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Dr. Douglas Chabries
A civilian scientist who developed sonar systems for the Navy, he used his expertise in sound detection and differentiation to create a mathematical model of the human hearing experience. This was part of the foundation of a new kind of digital hearing device.
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Dr. Carver Mead
One of the fathers of modern microelectronics, he pioneered the VLSI technology that fits thousands of transistors on a single microchip. He shrunk the bulky prototype of Stockham and Chabries to one tiny chip that could run for days on a 1.5 volt battery.
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See how their ideas evolved
Experience the history of Sonic.

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A passion for making lives better
Science, engineering, and dedication, working together to help people hear

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